Montana (From "Battleborn")

by Steam Powered Giraffe



Created for Gearbox Software for their video game "Battleborn", this song acts as a theme song to the giant minigun wielding character Montana!

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Now who’s that ridin' in?
Is that his gum poppin' in the wind?
Throw your hats into in the air
It’s Montana

Montana, Montana

Atop his tiny legs he comes
Bringin' ass-whoopin's for all his enemies' bums
Giant gun, smallish head
Cheerful as he fills bad guys full of lead

Montana, Montana, Montana

Planet Aplia is is where he’s from
Favorite pastime is fighting scum
Givin' high-fives to his buddy Oscar Mike
It’s Montana

Montana, Montana, Montana


released May 9, 2016



all rights reserved